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Executive Summary: Letting Go of the Binary

Letting Go of the Binary: Comparing Categorical and Continuous Measure of Sex, Gender, and Sexuality Authors: Jennifer S. Bryan, Ph.D. Joseph D. Mangine, Ph.D. This Executive Summary outlines the (1) methods, (2) results, (3) conclusions and (4) implications of two studies of sex, gender, and sexuality undertaken by Team Finch Consultants (TFC). Building on a […]

What’s In Your Toolbox?

Author: Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D. From the Leadership + Design monthly newsletter, March 2018 These days it is difficult to find an independent or innovative school that doesn’t tout the inherent value of Diversity (capital D). Diversity is central to our mission. We celebrate diversity of all kinds. Yet when Ito and Howe recommend Diversity Over Ability in Whiplash: How to Survive […]

Beyond Tomboys, Sissies, and ‘That’s So Gay’

Beyond Tomboys, Sissies, and ‘That’s So Gay’: New Ways To Think About Gender and Sexuality In PreK-12 Education About: Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D. We nurture our students and help them grow intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally PreK-12 educators make this promise at the beginning of every school year and hope to succeed with each and every […]

Embracing Gender and Sexuality Diversity: A Paradigm Shift that Can Help Students Thrive and Schools Succeed

Author: Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D. Excerpt from article in Independent School Magazine, Winter 2017 Given how pervasively political, cultural, educational, and religious institutions are built on a foundation of stereotypes and binary assumptions, it is easy to understand why people find the current reassessment of all things gender disquieting and disruptive. The consequences of this upheaval can […]