School Consultation

Engaging with Gender and Sexuality Diversity (GSD) in educational settings creates
wonderful opportunities for learning and building community.

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Professional Development

We provide dynamic opportunities for learning about Gender and Sexuality Diversity
for educational communities, non-profits and businesses.

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Jennifer Bryan is a highly regarded speaker and trainer who brings dynamism, practicality
and humor to conference keynotes, plenaries and workshop sessions.

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Professional Coaching

Jennifer can help you figure out the route that aligns with your deepest values, supports
your biggest visions, and helps you serve the field of education in the ways that matter most.

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Critical Conversations

No matter what kind of work you do, authentic communication between real people in real
time is the linchpin to the success of your enterprise.

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  • Why Address Gender & Sexuality?

    • Gender & sexuality are central components of healthy identity development for all children and adolescents.
    • Students bring their individual/collective experiences and questions about gender & sexuality to school every day.
    • Teachers need concepts and language for engaging with these essential aspects of human identity.
    • Gender and sexuality stereotypes disrupt classrooms, recess, friendships and critical thinking.
    • To create a safe learning environment for all members of your community, you must address Gender and Sexuality Diversity.
  • Why Consider Coaching for Your Professional Growth?

    • You’re dedicated to your students, colleagues and community.
    • You want to dive deeply into what makes your work valuable and helps you grow professionally.
    • You don’t yet have the right process in place to provide support as you develop and add value to the work you already do.
    • You are READY! for something more than the occasional conference to inspire your professional development.
  • Why Build Critical Conversation Skills?

    • You want to work in an organization or school where people have the capacity to communicate authentically.
    • You want to give and receive feedback in ways that enhance professional growth AND build social trust in your community.
    • You want to manage the inevitable conflicts that emerge at work purposefully and skillfully.
    • You want to participate in the deep, vital conversations that give meaning to your work, whether you are talking to one person or speaking in a group of eight.

Upcoming Events

Navigating Gender & Sexuality Diversity in Inclusive Schools
The Symposium

Like many schools, Greenwich Academy was looking to get educated on all of the issues surrounding gender identity and sexuality. After contacting peer schools, it was clear that Jennifer Bryan would be the right match for our needs and over the past year, she has come to our campus four times to speak with various constituents. Giving us language and context around an issue that felt potentially fraught was tremendously reassuring and has helped us move forward at a pace that was right for us.

We recently hosted Dr. Bryan for a set of [PK-12 Gender and Sexual Diversity] workshops for parents, faculty and administrators from private, public, and parochial school across the Twin Cities. Across two days and nine different events, she provided compelling, interactive presentations, carefully tailored to each audience that featured warm humor and terrific anecdotes. [We received] wildly enthusiastic reviews from parents, teachers, and administrators who remarked about how much they learned and how much more committed they are to doing GSD work moving forward!

Dr. Jennifer Bryan is simply the best workshop presenter I have encountered in 28 years of teaching. I teach in a conservative area and the issues of gender and sexual diversity are very challenging for many on our staff. What Jennifer was able to accomplish with them in a three-hour workshop was simply astounding. People who had voiced extreme fear of gay and transgender students were smiling and nodding by the end of the workshop. Dr. Bryan’s empathy and insight made her a perfect fit for our staff and we have grown so much as a school since meeting her.

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