The Re-Set School Summer Institute

It’s time we come together as a community and help each other plan for the upcoming school year. 

The next school year is going to be different than any educator has experienced in their lifetime. In response to the novelty, complexity, and opportunity of this time, Re-Set School invites Prek-12 independent school educators to join our Summer Institute.

The Institute is an online learning conference of keynotes, workshops and break-out groups designed to help educators prepare for the reopening of school this fall. Participants will learn practical tools and strategies for (1) adaptive leadership, (2) wellness and connection, (3) equity and inclusion, and (4) teaching and learning. In addition we will help you clarify the values that are most important to your community; these are critical tools for the uncertainty ahead. 

No one has a map; we haven’t been here before. But your values as individual educators and as a school community will guide you as you move forward.

Naming what has happened is a first step in trauma-informed work. Telling and hearing stories offers personal validation and affirms that we have all been through (are going through) something together. This sharing also helps us begin to make meaning of our experiences. The Institute invites you into an expansive learning space for sharing the experiences that impact our lives as PreK-12 educators, clarifying the values that will guide and sustain us in the coming year, and caring for ourselves and one another

Practical Tools & Strategies

Without committed action, talking about our experiences and values is just that: talk.

With a common sense of purpose, participants will learn specific tools, strategies, and protocols that will help:
  • Develop adaptive leadership strategies that empower the members of your community
  • Use understandings of trauma and loss to guide your upcoming decisions
  • ​Build close relationships and a supportive community, both in school buildings and online
  • Create systems and structures to ensure that every single student has access to full participation in the life of the school

  • Empower students to do meaningful work, in person and remotely
  • Contribute to building what’s next in light of your community’s shared values

Our goal of the Institute is to leave you feeling rejuvenated and better prepared for what’s ahead.

Our approach to learning follows this pedagogical process:


Learn a practice you can use in your work at school by trying it yourself.


Debrief the experience and examine how you might apply or adapt the new practice.


Based on what you’ve just learned, create something to use in your own work.


Repeat this cycle so that you’re building your bucket of resources throughout the institute.
What you can expect

3 July Afternoons

July 14 - July 16
1pm - 4pm

Day 1

Tuesday, July 14th

Welcome and introductions

Keynote address: The Values We Bring to Our Work

Values clarification in role-based affinity groups

Learning Session: Leadership During Crisis

Day 2

Wednesday, July 15th

Brown Bag Unconference (12:00pm)

Learning Session: Equity & Inclusion

Learning Session: Wellness & Connection 

Day 3

Thursday, July 16th

Keynote address: Identity-Consciousness and Inclusive Decision-Making

Affinity Spaces by self-identified racial group: How does racial identity inform and impact the decisions we make about re-opening schools? What have you experienced through the lens of race?

Learning Session: Teaching & Learning 

Share out, next steps and closing

Our Promise

What You Will
Walk Away With

  • A renewed sense of clarity on where you need to focus your attention for this year
  • ​Key insights into what other educators are doing and what is and isn’t working for them 
  • Proven Leadership tactics to adopt and incorporate during turbulent times
  • ​Strategies for more effective learning and teaching 
  • ​A renewed sense of energy as we approach the upcoming school year

Your New 

Support Team

Re-Set School can help you find your way. We are a diverse collaborative of six independent school educators and consultants, with years of experience as administrators, classroom teachers, DEI practitioners, academic and social-emotional curriculum developers, gender and sexuality experts, psychologists, leadership consultants, community partners, and more.
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While the institute is open to individuals, we strongly encourage you to attend as part of a team, task force or cohort from your school.

Program Fee:
Individuals: $600
Teams of 3-6: $550 per person

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