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Our services are customized to the needs of your community, and we can assist with many aspects of school life. We begin by having a detailed conversation about who you are, what challenges/opportunities exist, and outcomes you are hoping for. This conversation begins a process of exploring the “problem” holistically. 

The standard let’s-bring-someone-in-to-help-us-with-X approach often misses the system within which the problem lives. What’s the relationship between X and the rest of the alphabet?

An example:
A school wants to build a “culture of feedback,” where supervisors, supervisees, and colleagues feel skilled and comfortable in giving feedback to one another. So they hire a consulting team to teach feedback skills. On the professional development day, the consultants introduce a particular feedback model, participants practice a bit, and some folks get excited about the work. A month later, however, the community is no further in creating a culture of feedback.

What did the school and consultants miss? A deeper, broader understanding of what gets in the way of building a culture of feedback in the first place.  

  • It might be that the teacher evaluation process is not well understood or is inconsistently implemented, depending on the division or department. 
  • It might be that middle managers at the school believe that upper administration undercuts the evaluation process by not acting on their recommendations.
  • Perhaps having few women and BIPOC in positions of power has made giving feedback about biased practices nearly impossible. 
  • Maybe a pervasive culture of perfectionism and competition stifles any attempts to recognize areas of weakness.

And what if all of the above are true?!

Whether we are providing assessment, supporting leadership, cultivating wellness, clarifying values, building out curriculum, coaching individuals or teams, Re-Set consultants will always pay attention to the parts and to the whole. This holistic approach increases the likelihood of success in building lasting systemic change.

Summer/Winter Institute

Twice a year Re-Set offers an Institute to bring educators from across the country together to explore the challenges and opportunities that matter most. 

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