Being an educator at this moment in time is uniquely stressful. Teachers and administrators need renewal and well-being.

Re-Set School Coaching Circles give educators an opportunity for renewal.

  • Support: We talk about the real issues, productively.
  • Meaning-making: We create space to reflect on the purpose and joys of educating.
  • Professional development: We coach educators to chart a path for growth and provide the support they need to stay the course.
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Educators deserve a space to belong, too.

A school’s culture depends on its people: the administrators, educators, and staff that work day after day to nourish the students in their halls. Imagine how much more transformative that work could be if the educators receive the same nourishment.

Coaching circles meet the unique needs of today’s educators.

Small group coaching is:

  • Enlightening: Educators know that the best learning happens in a group. Group coaching allows educators to share best practices and explore new approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Personalized: Group coaching fosters a dynamic, human-centered environment where challenges are shared and solutions are celebrated.
  • Cost effective: Group coaching reduces per-participant cost and allows schools to offer professional development and support to more educators.

Expert facilitators deliver unparalleled impact.

Facilitators Jennifer Bryan and Scott Smith know how to bring people together. They have spent their careers teaching, mentoring, coaching and shaping culture in educational communities across the country. They bring over 80 years of combined experience, humility and humanity to help schools re-set community culture.