Jennifer speaking to audience at event

Mission Statement

Through consultancy, training, speaking, research and collaborative projects Re-Set School helps independent schools navigate the ever-changing landscape of PreK-12 education. During the Covid-19 pandemic Re-Set is committed to helping schools sustain safe and inclusive learning communities. Beyond the pandemic we are dedicated to growing the capacity of educators and institutions for living on the planet and serving in this complex, multicultural world.

Jennifer working with children

The Re-Set School Promise

Re-set is dedicated to honest, personable communications with all clients. We work hard to understand who you are, discern your critical needs, and help you lean into the challenges you face. Our approach is lively, creative, and engaging, all in the service of helping you do your best work.

  1. Relationships are at the heart of a successful teaching and learning community.
  2. Teachers and students alike thrive when they feel seen, challenged, inspired.
  3. Centering equity and inclusion, and doing the hard work of sticking with this priority, is critical to the success of #1 and #2.
  4. Successful consulting outcomes also require caring, collaborative relationships.
  5. Consulting clients are more likely to accomplish their goals when they feel understood, respected, challenged and inspired.
  6. RE-SET works honestly, creatively and collaboratively to understand, respect, challenge and inspire our clients.