Monthly Forum for School Leaders

The monthly forum is a curated experience for educators in leadership roles who share the same job title but work at different schools. A group of Division Heads, (Deans of Students, Assistant Heads of School, or Wellness Directors, etc.) meet via Zoom once a month to build community, seek guidance and support one another.

Roman Forum


In addition to its standard function as a marketplace, a forum was a gathering place of great social significance, and often the scene of diverse activities, including political discussions and debates, rendezvous, meetings, et cetera.

What to Expect

As the facilitator of the forum, I offer a balance of brief structured exercises and plenty of open space as the group engages with the salient professional challenges and personal dilemmas they face as school leaders.

Between sessions, I provide resources based on the forum’s emergent themes. There is no “homework,” just options for deeper learning and meaning-making via a scholarly article, poetry, perhaps a short video.


The forum meets once a month for an hour, September to June; the cost is $500 per person. The forum’s unique potential is best realized when members (who are extremely busy professionals!) commit to attending all sessions.

I meet with all prospective participants for 20-30 minutes so we can talk together and I can answer any questions you have.

If you are interested in being considered for a 2023-2024 Forum, please click the link below and complete a brief information form.

“The hour that I spend with Jennifer Bryan and fellow Heads of School is truly the professional development highlight of my month, every time we meet! Jennifer’s combination of warmth, wise insight, and empathy provide a safe, collegial space for connection, reflection, and learning. I come away from every meeting with not only terrific readings to share with others, but also personal insight that sustains me in my complex job!”

“Jennifer Bryan’s forum offers an opportunity for school administrators to learn and grow in a format that fosters open discussion, opportunities for listening, and learning. In the midst of the very busy and disrupted time that we are leading in, I am tremendously grateful for Jennifer’s commitment to our growth and development, and even more so for her humanity.”

“You know that feeling you get when someone has prepared a meal just for you and asks you to sit, connect, and engage? That is how Jennifer’s forums feel to me. I look forward each month to pulling up to her virtual table and being in the company of other incredible leaders whom I love and respect. The levity and learning have been invaluable.”

“A moment to exhale. A chance to connect to self and others. An invitation to learn. A challenge to see the bigger picture. An opportunity to laugh. All of this is part of the experience when one participates in a learning group facilitated by Jennifer Bryan. A thoughtful and worthwhile conversation each and every month.”